Here you will find downloadable files of material given in class.

Course Description, Syllabus, Class Contract & Contact Information

Note Taking Guidelines

Lab Report Guidelines and Rubric

Lab Safety Information Sheet, Contract and Lab Equipment Names and Function Worksheet


1.- (Requires a Lab Report)

2. - (Requires a Lab Report)

3. - (Requires a Lab Report)

4. - (DOES NOT Require a Lab Report)

5. - (Requires a Lab Report)
6. - (Requires a research data chart, essay, illustrations and references)

Homework and Worksheets

HW #1-2:
HW #1-3:

Take Home Quiz
Unit One Exam Review

Unit Two (Matter) Exam Review

Holiday Assignment

HW #3-1 downloadable file -
HW #3-2 downloadable file - Please note the copyright on this. It is not original work!

HW #3-3 downloadable file -